Friday, June 23, 2017

Update on life and Halloween Cat

  I started this blog for many reasons. Over the last few months I have been visiting several blogs as well as watching FlossTube. This community is very large. Many of us love stitching and other hobbies. I watched over the course of a year many bloggers and Flosstubers going through very difficult times. Cancer, death, debt and losing our valued homes. All with our crafts keeping us going. I have now experienced such a tragedy. My husband suffered a massive stroke on 6/11/17. It was the one of the most horrible things I have witnessed. I was terrified. He is alive but with severe disabilities. His stroke paralyzed his right side and his ability to speak or communicate. His health is improving but not mentally. I have reached out to church, friends and family members as well. To witness others in the community go through such hardships it gave me strength to know I can as well. Not many have visited my blog yet. So I am very lowkey in the blog world. But I draw strength from many of you and you have no idea that is the case. I find myself stitching at the hospital. I find myself reaching for my projects to keep my mind and body at peace. Stitching calms me. I just wanted to say thanks to you all for the strength in your truths. For giving others a glance into your world. If anybody happens to read this other than me. Please pray for me (LeShawn) and my Husband, Angelo. Thanks
  Now about that darn Cat. Man since the last update I have been working on two projects. Halloween Cat by Satsuma Street and a Elephant sampler from MKDesignArt etsy shop. I had made significant progress on the cat and then I received a visit from the dreaded frog. I had to basically rip out every thing and start over because of one line missed. Oh well. The Elephant Sampler is a gift for a friend. Its getting quite boring to stitch though with only 1 color. But I love the way it is coming out.
  Thanks for stopping by. Happy Stitching!