Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Update on Life and Cross Stitch Progress

   It has been a very emotional month since I last posted on this blog. I see I have some followers since I added the button. That took forever. Thank you all for following. 
   I want to say a big thank you to all that have been sending up prayers and support to me and Angelo. He was moved to the nursing home and the road to recovery begun. It was very trying. I can say that he his stronger physically and medically he is okay. Its the global aphasia that is the greatest challenge we are facing. He is in a wheelchair. With assistance he is able to move from bed to chair. And back. Still not walking but does have the movement of his right leg again.So that is a plus. The right hand is still not moving yet. 
   Just before logging in to write this post the social worker at the nursing home facility called and said the insurance company is pushing for a release for 8/3/17. I wish I could be happy about this but I am on the fence. See the problem is he is unable to communicate verbally or with the use of any type of visual aide. Still needs assistance with bathing and toileting. (Which everyday I assist him with.)But I am now the sole provider for the household. So I have to leave him in the care of someone while I am at work. Me and the family are working together to come up with a plan. Our home has a serious flight of stairs to get to the full bath and that is not going to work for him. So we are going to move him to his dad's home. I really wanted him to come home but I guess that is not in his best interest right now. I feel so alone without him. 
  Its like the most intelligent person I know just lost his mind. I look at him sometimes and wonder if he remembers the love we had. For a short while I thought he had forgotten me altogether. But the other day he reached out to me and tried to say baby, then gave me a kiss. I was so happy. He loved me like no other man I have ever known. From the moment we met he had me smiling everyday. And now I don't know if he will ever love like that again. He is very childlike so we may never be the same as we once were. I have to believe in time things will improve. I am going to speak with a counselor about the feelings I am having. So wish me luck on moving forward. I am scared I am losing him. The family has all kinds of input but he is my husband. I hope they do not try and take him from me. I am 4 feet 11 inches tall and they underestimate me. They better not try me. Or they will feel the fury in me. 
Okay, enough with the venting. 

    I received a prize for a drawing from minnie-allxxs.blogspot.com. She had 4 patterns to win and 7 entries. She surprised us all and gave everyone who entered a pattern. I plan to stitch this during the holidays.

 I created a Instagram page to log my progress with my projects. Same name as the blog. I started my first Heaven and Earth Design. When I started watching FlossTube videos I knew I had to have a HAED. But not a massive one. Now they have small sizes. So I have a Storykeep design. I worked on it for a bit. Its still going to take a while to stitch. 

   I have not worked on the Elephant design. I just find it so boring to stitch with the one color. I must finish it soon though. It's for a friend. I wish I did not tell her I was stitching her something and then I could put it off longer. Alas, I am dedicating this week to finishing it
 And my love of course is the Halloween Cat. I had another visit from the dreaded frog. It was a small patch but it still put me off. And I found a small spot (ugggggh!) on the fabric. I hope it comes out when I wash it. I am going to focus on finishing the Elephant and Kitty so I can have some alone time with my HAED. LOL

                                 This is the pattern I was gifted from Minnie's blog.
                                         This is my very first HAED. Fragile by Kirstin Mills.
                                              Stitching this on 18 ct Oatmeal Aida.
                                         I was using baggies. I switched to bobbins last night.
                                                             Which took forever.

This was my start on 18 ct after getting rid of the 25 ct magic guide
                                                                Halloween Cat
                                                            28 ct Jobelan
                                                 The color of the fabric is Denim

Elephant Sampler
Stitched on 18 ct. hand dyed fabric from Garibaldi's Needle Works
Floss color 3051 DMC 

Well my Stitchy friends, until next time.

Friday, June 23, 2017

Update on life and Halloween Cat

  I started this blog for many reasons. Over the last few months I have been visiting several blogs as well as watching FlossTube. This community is very large. Many of us love stitching and other hobbies. I watched over the course of a year many bloggers and Flosstubers going through very difficult times. Cancer, death, debt and losing our valued homes. All with our crafts keeping us going. I have now experienced such a tragedy. My husband suffered a massive stroke on 6/11/17. It was the one of the most horrible things I have witnessed. I was terrified. He is alive but with severe disabilities. His stroke paralyzed his right side and his ability to speak or communicate. His health is improving but not mentally. I have reached out to church, friends and family members as well. To witness others in the community go through such hardships it gave me strength to know I can as well. Not many have visited my blog yet. So I am very lowkey in the blog world. But I draw strength from many of you and you have no idea that is the case. I find myself stitching at the hospital. I find myself reaching for my projects to keep my mind and body at peace. Stitching calms me. I just wanted to say thanks to you all for the strength in your truths. For giving others a glance into your world. If anybody happens to read this other than me. Please pray for me (LeShawn) and my Husband, Angelo. Thanks
  Now about that darn Cat. Man since the last update I have been working on two projects. Halloween Cat by Satsuma Street and a Elephant sampler from MKDesignArt etsy shop. I had made significant progress on the cat and then I received a visit from the dreaded frog. I had to basically rip out every thing and start over because of one line missed. Oh well. The Elephant Sampler is a gift for a friend. Its getting quite boring to stitch though with only 1 color. But I love the way it is coming out.
  Thanks for stopping by. Happy Stitching!

Friday, April 7, 2017

This was from April 7th 2017

I Did It! Yayyyyyy!

Satsuma Street
Halloween Cat
28ct Jobelan
Started 4/7/17

OH MY GOSH! I finally had the courage to attempt to stitch on something other then Aida. I bought this last year and was so intimidated by it I put it away. Today was a rough day. I needed something to take my mind off of everything. I decided to try the Jobelan today. I think I have watched all the floss tube videos made about how to stitch on linen or evenweave over the last 9 or so months. I thank all the ladies who I watched to get here. It feels very nice and this pattern is stitching up pretty quickly. I really did not think I could do it. You ladies and gentlemen taught me from the beginning on how to cross stitch. I am so exited. I gathered all the floss and found I am missing one color. UGGGGHH! Back to the store. But back to stitching this cat. Oh and I feel so much better now I am stitching. Well until next time...Happy Stitching!

Thursday, March 30, 2017

The Beginning

I started cross stitching last June. I am addicted. I only have a few projects currently but a thousand in my head being charted. LOL. I had to create this blog so I can stop watching the action and participate. I will post picture when I learn how. This is my first time starting a blog. Be patient with me.